Deciding whether to lease or finance your next vehicle from our lot near Goldsboro is a big decision, but there are pros and cons to both options, and which one you choose might depend on whether you're buying a new or used one vehicle. When you come to Sale BMW in Kinston, you'll find a selection of vehicles, and our sales associates are here for you during the shopping process. Then, they'll pass you off to our finance department near Wilson, NC, which can help you find a loan or lease that works with your needs.

When to Get a Lease

Usually, you have to get a new vehicle to get a lease. When you want the option to easily upgrade to a new vehicle in a couple of years without selling your old vehicle to someone around New Bern, you'll like the lease option. Many people also choose a lease if they have a business because you can get tax breaks on a lease.

When to Get a Loan

If you're getting a loan, you might be purchasing a new or used model. Loans are great for people who don't want to be locked into only driving a certain number of miles throughout the year around Jacksonville, NC, as you do with a lease. You'll also like a loan if you already know that you want to own the vehicle outright. Plus, you'll get to enjoy the benefits of having the title in your name, including your right to modify the vehicle however you like.

Visit Sale BMW in Kinston to Learn More and Start Shopping

When you want to get a great vehicle and have payment options, come to our dealership near Greenville. You'll love our sales associates, finance team, and other team members. They'll help you get the ball rolling on purchasing your next vehicle.

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