Feeling apprehensive about buying a used car? No problem. At Sale BMW, we offer a variety of quality used cars from BMW and other brands like Ford, Chevy, Hyundai, and GMC. Check out the information below to help get you started on the journey towards copping your next quality used ride!

1. I'm thinking about purchasing a used vehicle, but I'm concerned it'll fail on me. How reliable are used cars?

Although we certainly understand how you feel, the reality is that used cars today, especially ones manufactured within the past few years, are very reliable.

As manufacturers square off to compete for the top spot, motorists in Kinston are finding that their vehicles are better built, longer lasting and more durable than they once had been. Many are finding that their vehicles are lasting up to 150,000 miles and over, meaning the used car you purchase, depending on the year, make and model, may very well last you for years.

2. I want to buy a used vehicle for financial reasons, but I don't want to drive a dud. Are there any attractive options out there for me to choose from?

With a wide variety of selection for you to choose from, we're confident we can provide a vehicle you'll feel confident in.

Not only that but used vehicles in contemporary times have come a long way, and while car manufacturers spend a lot of time working to improve the performance and features of motor vehicles, they seem to spend less energy re-inventing the exterior of their newer models. As a result, you'll likely find that a used model even three or four years old may look similar, or even identical, to even the newest model available.

3. What are my options for safety when it comes to used vehicles in Kinston?

As with anything, safety features included with used cars will depend widely on the year, make and model of the vehicle, itself. However, many used rides today bolster impressive safety options including forward collision warning systems, blind spot indicators, side air bags, park assist, all-speed traction control and more!

All in all, if it's quality, affordability and value you seek, stop into Sale BMW today to get set up with a test drive. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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