At Sales BMW, we have a very knowledgeable service department that performs a large variety of repairs and maintenance to BMW vehicles. Our staff is also able to work on different makes and models of vehicles. Now that spring has arrived, we encourage you to make an appointment for several maintenance tasks. This includes things like:

Routine Oil Changes

It’s essential that you routinely remove the old oil from your engine and have new oil applied. When you let old oil accumulate in your engine for too long, this allows tiny particles to clog up your engine and transmission. Over time, this can lead to some major issues with your vehicle. We can help you decide what type of oil and oil filter would be best for the model of BMW that you have.

Tire Inspections and Rotations

Your tire treads must be wearing down at a consistent rate with one another. If they aren’t, this could indicate a problem with your vehicle relating to the suspension or brakes. Our technicians will inspect each of your tires for wear or damage. They will also rotate your tires to allow for each tire to wear down at an even pace. This will prevent you from investing money in a new set of tires prematurely.

An Annual Inspection

It’s a great idea to have your annual inspection performed in the springtime. After your BMW has taken a beating on the wintry roads all season, we can make sure that everything on your vehicle looks like it’s in good shape. If anything is wrong, those repairs can usually be taken care of right away to prevent major issues later on.

If you would like to make an appointment for your BMW to receive service this spring, give us here at SaleBMW a call at your convenience. If you need to leave your vehicle at our location while work is being performed, we can schedule a pickup or drop off of your vehicle at your home on a day and time that works within your schedule. This eliminates you having to venture out to our dealership. We look forward to helping you keep your BMW in excellent condition all year long!

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