It's vitally important for Kinston drivers to follow BMW's maintenance schedule meticulously. Substituting sub-par motor oil or generic parts can cause reliability issues. Always use the premium oil suggested by your owner's manual and don't let maintenance tasks slip by uncompleted. Your BMW's inline-6 engine is a finely tuned powerhouse that's considered one of the most reliable engines available. It should give you hundreds of thousands of miles of excellent service if you don't neglect it. Sale BMW is here to help keep your BMW running like new.

Maintenance for your car can fall into three categories, short term, seasonal, and long term. Incorporate basic care into your schedule and leave the bigger jobs for qualified mechanics, and your BMW will reward you in return.

Regular washing and waxing goes beyond the aesthetic appeal of a clean car and contributes to protecting the exterior from road debris that can chip your paint and begin the process of oxidation. You can keep a bottle of matching touch-up paint on hand to dab into tiny chips, so corrosion doesn't spread and cause expensive damage. You'll also want to check your tires monthly for tread depth and pressure. When you top up the air, keep it in the range stipulated by your owner's manual, so your tires don't wear out prematurely.

Seasonal upkeep is especially imperative if you live in an extreme climate. High heat in the Greenville and Goldsboro areas can be just as damaging to a battery as deep cold, so make sure your battery is up to the demands of the season ahead. If you're leaving the New Bern or Jacksonville, NC areas for a trip to snowy lands, install capable tires and change your oil for a lower viscosity.

Long term care includes inspections of your front and rear differential and your shocks and struts. The fluids in your transfer case, brakes and transmission may need flushing, and your timing or serpentine belts need replacing. These tasks are within the scope of a professional mechanic and not for the casual dabbler.

Bring your BMW to one of the certified mechanics at Sale BMW, where the mechanics specialize in BMW care and have the resulting expertise in diagnosing issues and fixing them rapidly and accurately. Following these simple tips will ensure your BMW provides you with years of enjoyment. Make the trip from the Wilson, NC area to our Kinston dealership today!

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